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After entering your e-mail address and a password to your liking, you will receive an e-mail containing a unique activation link. Click on this link and you’ve successfully created a profile!

Creating and activating a profile

Step 2

You can immediately start by filling in your data and uploading a profile picture. Click on ‘Finish’ and your profile will be activated. By pressing the blue button, you will enter your dashboard, where you can make a printout of your free Save-Me Card.

Adjust profile and link products

Step 3

The dashboard also allows you to expand your profile to Premium or Medical. You can also choose to buy products, which can be linked to your profile. When buying a Save-Me bracelet, you will receive a free Premium profile for one year!

Add family members

Step 4

Don’t worry if your children or other family members don’t have an e-mail address of their own! By entering the “My family” menu in the dashboard and clicking the “Add user” button, you can easily create a Save-Me profile for your children or other family members. Every family member added then owns a unique profile which can be changed from the main account. For each family member you can choose a fitting profile, and also add products.

Customize your bracelet

Watch this instructional video that explains how you can easily and quickly customize your bracelet.


  • Personal data
  • Contact person data
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  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Basic medical data
£ 4,95 per year View example profile


  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Extended medical data
  • Add documents
  • Free input field
£ 7,95 per year View example profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? There’s an overview of frequently asked questions AND answers below.

In which languages is Save-Me available?

The website is displayed in three languages.

  • Netherlands
  • English
  • German

The language in which your profile is displayed depends on the language settings of the mobile phone of the person who is making a read-out of your profile. This means that when someone from Spain scans your profile, the data is displayed in Spanish. This reduces the chance of mistakes happening and saves a lot of time!

Does Save-Me also work abroad?

Your Save-Me profile can be displayed anywhere, as long as there is a form of internet available. This is necessary to connect the mobile phone on which a read-out of the token is made to the server on which the profile is saved.

How unique is a Save-Me token?

The unique Save-Me token consists of five characters which are built up from lowercase letters or numbers. The amount of possible combinations adds up to more than 300.000 billion, making the number of possibilities sheer unending.

Can everyone who scans my profile view my personal data?

This depends on whether you use a pin code. Normally the pin code functionality is turned off, so that your profile data is displayed immediately after scanning. If you have turned on the pin code functionality in your dashboard, this means that as an additional security, a four-digit pin code has to be entered before accessing a Save-Me product.

How does Save-Me handle privacy?

Save-Me guarantees that the specified profile information is secure, encrypted and backed-up. The laws on the protection of personal data are respected in this respect, as can be read in the Terms and Conditions. The data entered is only comprehensible and adaptable by the person owning the user name and password. Save-Me doesn’t have access to your data! The connection with the Save-Me website is secured by means of an additional SSL connection. This means that when data is sent between both systems, a “key” between them is made, after which the data is transmitted encrypted. This can be seen at the top bar of your browser. You can find a lock in the green bar. Save-Me will never use customer data for commercial purposes or sell it. When you have chosen to make a free Save-Me profile, you allow Save-Me to periodically approach you per e-mail with offers or promotions.

How can a read-out of my profile be made?

There are two ways in which a read-out of your profile can be made: by using a QR-code scanner, or by visiting a unique internet address. The first is by using a QR-code scanner present on most modern mobile phones. If this is not pre-installed, you may use one of the many free or payed variants available as an app. There’s also an internet address included on all Save-Me products. This address starts with ‘’ and is followed by five characters. When you enter this internet address into your browser, the profile is also displayed.

How do I add family members?

If you click on the “log in” button on the top left of the home page, and then enter your username and password, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard. In this dashboard you can click on “My family” and then the button “Add User”. Then it’s very easy to create unique Save-Me profiles for your children or other family members. Each family member added has his own unique and customizable profile (which can be changed in the main user’s dashboard). It’s possible to select a fitting profile for each family member and link products to it.

How do I link products?

If you’ve bought a product, or received one, this has an internet address printed on it. The last five characters (lowercase letters and numbers) make up the unique token. If you log in to your dashboard, using your username and password, you’ll find a button on the right side called “Add new product”. When you’ve done this, there’s a screen allowing you to enter the unique token. Select “Add product” and that’s it.

Can I delete my profile?

You can permanently delete your product at any time. To definitively delete your profile, you first have to log in to your dashboard and then on the right side in the black bar you have to select “Account”. At the bottom there’s the possibility to delete your profile.

What should I do when I lose my linked product?

It’s a shame when you lose a product linked to your profile. Especially when your data is visible when someone makes a read-out. However, it’s fairly simple to unlink a product. Go to your dashboard and click on the “Added product” button. This gives you an overview of all products currently linked to your profile. Select the product you’ve lost and click “unlink”> After this you have to confirm that you truly want to delete the product.

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