Ensure yourself of security in case of emergencies

Apply for a free unique Save-Me profile now! This is how you give rescuers the required information to quickly offer the correct kind of help.

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Save-Me veiligheid kinderen kids safety
Save-Me werk professional veilig BHV working save
Save-Me gezondheidszorg healthcare
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Save-Me werk professional veilig BHV working save
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By carrying the free Save-Me Card or one of our many other handy products with you, you’ll always be safe when underway. Save-Me is there when each second counts!

Save-Me hulp mobiel


By making a read-out of the unique Save-Me code with a mobile telephone, your profile is displayed. This allows bystanders and rescuers to quickly offer the correct help.

Save-Me flexibel


Save-Me allows you to adjust and expand your profile at any given time, but also to connect or disconnect products to and from your profile.

Save-Me zorg care


After a read-out of the profile has been made, people at home will be informed immediately, allowing them to have peace of mind!

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Save-Me, a safe feeling!

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Save-Me veiligheid kinderen kids safety


Your kids are playing outside and as a parent you can enjoy this carefree! Using a Save-Me-profile and one of the many kids-proof Save-Me products, your children always carry the right data with them. Thus ensuring you that your child can get the correct care he or she deserves anywhere and at any time!

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Save-Me gezondheidszorg healthcare

Elderly / Care

As an active elderly, needy or family member, you want the security of a quick and effective treatment in case of emergency. A Medical Save-Me profile ensures that you always have the right contact information and medical details available, making sure that the correct kind of help can be offered and that your loved ones will be kept up-to-date. Now that’s a safe feeling!

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Save-Me veilig hardlopen save running

Active / Sporty

Being sporty, you want to be able to enjoy your workout without cares. A Premium Save-Me profile always provides you with the relevant information, allowing rescuers to help you correctly if needed. The many different products Save-Me has to offer don’t limit you in your freedom of movement and can be used in all types of weather, allowing you to enjoy a carefree workout!

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Save-Me professional safety veiligheid BHV


Safety at work, allowing you and your colleagues to enjoy a carefree working day! A Save-Me profile ensures that you as a professional always have the correct personal and medical information available, thus allowing business counsellors and colleagues to act quickly and effectively in case of emergency.

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Personal profile

The free Save-Me profile contains the most elementary information about the user, which is displayed after read-out. It shows who you are and who should be notified in case of emergency. You can easily expand your profile to Premium or Medical. All Save-Me profiles can be adjusted at any time, so that you always carry the most up-to-date information with you.

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In case of emergency, all important data is available immediately, allowing people to help you quickly and correctly.

Always a fitting solution

In addition to your free Save-Me profile, you can choose between two additional profiles, to always carry all the information important to you with you.

Save-Me Premium profile


  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Basic medical data
£ 4,95 per year View example profile
Save-Me Premium profile


  • Personal data
  • Additional contact person
  • Extended medical data
  • Add documents
  • Free input field
£ 7,95 per year View example profile
Save-Me Shop +1 year Premium for free


Save-Me has a range of durable products, which can easily be linked to your profile. When buying a Save-Me bracelet, you receive a free Premium profile for one year!

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